Opensource projects

See below latests snippets of my work.


Extra contribution to Nette Framework

contributte/datagrid 💪 DataGrid for Nette Framework: filtering, sorting, pagination, tree view, table view, translator, etc
contributte/live-form-validation ⛔️ Nice client-side live form validation for Nette Forms.
contributte/console 💥 Best minimal console (symfony/console) to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/codeception ▶️ Integration of Nette Framework to Codeception.
contributte/generator-nette 👨 Yeoman & Nette Framework
contributte/reCAPTCHA ‼️ Google reCAPTCHA (security) for Nette Framework \ Forms
contributte/scheduler ⌛️ PHP job scheduler (cron) with locking for Nette Framework
contributte/psr7-http-message 💫 PSR #7 [HTTP Message Interface] to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/image-storage Image storage for Nette framework
contributte/api-router RESTful Router for your Apis in Nette Framework - created either directly or via annotation
contributte/api [Moved to @apitte] Powerful API to Nette Framework
contributte/nextras-orm-generator 🐺 [experimental] Nextras\ORM entity generator
contributte/neonizer 🔧 Collection of useful scripts for manipulaton with NEON files. Support composer pre-install / post-install events. Set/get parameters, validate files.
contributte/middlewares 💥 Middlewares / Relay / PSR-7 support to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/deployer-extension 🏇 FTP deployment (by @dg) extension for Nette Framework
contributte/event-dispatcher 💥 Best events support (symfony/event-dispatcher) to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/di ✨ Extra contrib to nette/di (@nette)
contributte/latte-email 👉 Email protection for emails in Latte templates
contributte/latte-parsedown-extra 🚜 Parsedown (markdown) template parser for Nette \ Latte (@nette)
contributte/mobilni-platby 💰 for Nette Framework
contributte/social 🍟 Social plugins (facebook, twitter, google) for Nette Framework
contributte/nextras-orm-events 🐺 Doctrine-like events for Nextras ORM
contributte/mail ✨ Extra contrib to nette/mail (@nette)
contributte/anabelle Api documentation generator (JSON-RPC / REST)
contributte/dummy-events 🔁 Ultra simple events system for Nette Framework
contributte/utils ✨ Extra contrib to nette/utils (@nette)
contributte/application ✨ Extra contrib to nette/application (@nette)
contributte/security ✨ Extra contrib to nette/security (@nette)
contributte/bootstrap ✨ Extra contrib to nette/bootstrap (@nette)
contributte/api-router-project Example starter project for ublaboo/api-router
contributte/console-extra ♻️ Nette-based console commands for latte, DIC, MVC, security, utils and many others.
contributte/mailing 📬 Sending emails with pleasure and prepared templates.
contributte/api-docu Documentation generating for ApiRouter routes - awesome runtime documentation
contributte/datagrid-nette-database-data-source 🐾 Nette\Database data source for datagrid
contributte/logging 💥 Universal logging support to Tracy / Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/forms ✨ Extra contrib to nette/forms (@nette)
contributte/tracy 😎 Tuned Tracy Bars/Panels/BlueScreens for easy-developing
contributte/facebook 😋 Tiny Facebook SDK 5.x integration to Nette Framework
contributte/nextras-criteria Criteria Expression for Nextras\ORM + Nextras\DBAL (@nextras)
contributte/nextras-orm-query-object 🐺 Query-objects for Nextras ORM
contributte/latte ✨ Extra contrib to nette/latte (@nette)
contributte/cache ✨ Extra contrib to nette/caching (@nette)
contributte/event-application-bridge [ARCHIVED] ♻️ Bridge between event dispatcher & nette application
contributte/event-security-bridge [ARCHIVED] ♻️ Bridge between event dispatcher & nette security
contributte/contributte ❤️ Contributte organization structure / RFC / Team
contributte/event-dispatcher-extra ♻️ Nette-based Symfony events for application, presenter, form, latte, templates, security and many others.
contributte/blogette 📮 Blogging platform
contributte/wordcha ❗️ Word based captcha (security) for Nette Framework \ Forms (@nette)
contributte/seznamcaptcha ❗️ Seznam captcha (security) for Nette Framework \ Forms
contributte/dev Set of tools for development / debugging (@nette)
contributte/http ✨ Extra contrib to nette/http (@nette)
contributte/database ✨ Extra contrib to nette/database (@nette)
contributte/routing ✨ Extra contrib to nette/routing (@nette)
contributte/psr3-logging 💫 PSR #3 [Logger Interface] to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/psr6-caching 💫 PSR #6 [Caching Interface] to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/playground 📚 Examples / tutorials / tips / samples | sandbox for @contributte
contributte/event-bridges [ARCHIVED] 📦 Collection of all event dispatcher bridges (♻️) to nette at one place
contributte/model 💥 View-Model + Model-View layer to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/psr11-container-interface 💫 PSR #11 [Container Interface] to Nette Framework (@nette)
contributte/phpdoc 💥 Enhanced PHPdoc to Nette Framework with annotations (@nette)
contributte/fio 💶 Fio API integration for Nette Framework
contributte/website Contributte Website & Docs
contributte/elasticsearch 🔍 Tiny Elasticsearch integration into Nette Framework
contributte/datagrid-elasticsearch-data-source 🐾 ElasticSearch data source for datagrid
contributte/advisories 👊 Collection of Contributte/Nette advisories
contributte/server-timing ⌚️ Server Timing API profiling for Nette Framework
contributte/datagrid-dibi2-data-source 🐾 Dibi 2 datasource for datagrid
  • j2048 (2015)

    Little game written in JavaFX with moving tiles.

  • UdpRobot (2015)

    Example of UDP chat robot with GUI written in JavaFX.

  • Game of Life (2015)

    Ramake of Game of Life original by Conway written in Java, Swing.

  • Pexeso (2013)

    Little game for school code competition

  • Karel (2011)

    Famouse game Karel written in Java

  • PlayFX
  • GameFX
  • Ant Crusher (2016)

    My first game in Python based on game library PyGame.

  • GamePyx


Dockette Docker images. Specially prepared for websites.

  • DevStack (2016)

    My personal devstack

  • CI (2016)

    Continuous integration [CI] for PHP application

  • Debian (2016)

    Custom Debian (Jessie/Sid) images, for my usage

  • Alpine (2016)

    Custom Alpine Linux images, for my usage

  • Adminer (2016)

    Most tiny Adminer docker images

  • PHPMailer (2016)

    Simple PHP script for dumping emails

  • HAproxy (2016)

    Fast high performance load balancer / proxy

  • Pound (2016)

    Fast & simple load balancer / proxy

  • Varnish (2016)

    Best and fast HTTP cache

  • Letsencrypt (2015)

    Create SSL certificates over LetsEncrypt

  • PHP (2015)

    PHP (5.6 / 7.0) + FPM

  • NGINX (2015)

    Nginx SSL / HSTS / HTTP2

  • NGINX + H5BP (2015)

    Nginx SSL / HSTS / HTTP2 + HTML5 Boiler Plate

  • Nette Tester (2015)

    Test your app by Nette\Tester in Docker [TESTING]



Tutorials, Hints, Tips, Practices, Samples to IT world.

  • 2016-docker-workshop (2016)

    Docker Workshop for Symfony Meeting on 22/09/2016.

  • Python Class #1 (2016)

    Introduction to Python, Curses and PyGames.

  • Tools (2016)

    Editors, libraries, scipts, etc.. For easier learning.



High school repository (Rychnov nad Kněžnou).



High school repository (Kostelec nad Orlicí).